Regular brushing does not entirely prevent common oral issues like bad breath, dental plaque, tooth decay, tooth loss, or gum disease. That’s why you need professional teeth cleaning every six months to achieve optimum oral health.

During a professional dental cleaning, Richland Creek Family Dentistry deep cleans your teeth to eliminate stubborn tartar, bacteria, plaque, and stains — the common causes of dental problems like bad breath.

Why Richland Creek Family Dentistry?

  • We have a qualified team: Every dental specialist at Richland Creek Family Dentistry has the highest level of accreditation. That means our professionals are proficient in spotting and fixing minor to complex dental issues.
  • We use the latest dental technology: Our dental facility serving Nashville, TN, uses modern dental technology like X-rays and digital imaging to keep your smile as clean as possible. What’s more? The experts undergo continuous education to stay updated on the latest dental inventions.
  • We serve children and adults: Richland Creek Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive selection of deep cleaning services for adults and kids. Our child-friendly, comfortable atmosphere keeps young ones at ease during dental treatment.

What do you Get During Professional Teeth Cleaning in Nashville, TN

Examining Your Oral Cavity

In your first visit, our dental specialists conduct a comprehensive oral examination to identify issues that need attention. Typically, the specialist pays attention to ominous oral hygiene signs like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Bad breath
  • Dental plaque
  • Stained teeth

Deep Cleaning

After examination, our dental specialists scale your teeth to remove stubborn stains, tartar, and plaque from places where regular teeth cleanings using a brush could not reach. We use ultrasonic or sonic scales, which cause minimal discomfort.

Dental Polishing

After the removal of plaque, our specialists polish your teeth to remove surface stains and extra dental plaque. The dental polishing procedure adds a sparkle to your teeth, giving you an attractive, healthy smile that boosts confidence.

Book Your Professional Teeth Cleaning Service Now

Professional dental care is a priority for everyone who values oral hygiene. Dental treatment fights gum disease, bad breath, tooth loss, and tooth decay. 

Contact us today to get an expert to clean the tartar, stains, and plaque deposits on your teeth.